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Ayurveda is an ancient holistic
medical  system from India

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Ayurveda was created during the time of great enlighten, When the sages of ancient India revolved and refined the skills of yoga which is being increasingly appreciated in the west today.

Ayurveda and yoga are complementary to each other, both are holistic in nature but spiritual in context or we can say perfect vehicle for sharing love and compassion in contemporary world.

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Our  Testimonials

Apart from the physical benefits of losing weight and being toned up I have also noticed a lot of improvement in my concentration, ability to put my mind to things differently, young looking despite being in my mid fifties.

Instead of being a grumpy and unfriendly person now i am an always happy, confident and more social person. I believe yoga has changed my personality greatly.

Manjula Maharaj

“I have persevered with a facial skin condition called Rosacea since I was 13. After trying orthodox treatments (Roaccutane), homoepathics, natural remedies and all manner of food supplements I was at a complete dead end. Dr Rani was the answer to my prayers. Ayurvedic massage, facials and a regular yoga routine has provided the solution. I now have clear skin, feel healthier and happier than I have in the last 20 years. Thank you Dr Rani and the INZ Ayurveda Centre.”

Amanda Jackson

My experience of the detoxifying massage and yoga practice at INZ Ayurveda Centre, was incredibly inspiring. The benefits have been so significant that they have influenced a change to my lifestyle, diet and how I take care of myself in mind, body and spirit.

Dr Rani’s gentle and holistic approach to life is like a breath of fresh air !

I highly recommend anyone interested in Ayurveda or just living a happier, healthy lifestyle to call and make a consultation with Dr Rani. Her knowledge, wisdom and compassion gave me insight into my health and a lasting impact on my journey to health. I am so happy to have found Dr Rani and would recommend her to anyone.

Mrs Manpreet Kaur

With regular yoga and detox massages my chronic pains has been disappeared, feel less stressed now seem to have lots of energy and really enjoy playing other sports with my students at school. My family and friends think I look more beautiful and happy now. The most amazing change is that I can easily control my anger and stay stable in most situations now which makes me feel that I am in charge of my own life. I am very happy now and try to make others happy as well.

Mrs Suman Kumar

INZ ayurveda is an amazing place….atmosphere over there is always warm and welcoming. Massages facial yoga…. each service each treatment they provide is with passion and care…. doctor Rani has been such a great help she listens to you carefully without judging you and suggests you Right treatment.
The Whole experience was so relaxing…. that I always fell asleep. I just luv coming back here.

Mandakini Narula

“ What a lovely treat with Dr. Rani. Absolutely loved my time of total indulgence.
I have been a few times and permanent customer. Dr. Rani and Staff always 100% professional whilst still being completely approachable and extremely friendly and caring.
The massage, love and care I’ve received have been absolutely fantastic and the well qualified and experienced staff even offer advice on how to keep yourself healthy as well.
Stretched, energised but somehow relaxed and content too!
What a boost to my well-being.
10/10 would DEFINITELY recommend to anyone ”

Bhavini Doshii

CEO - Porse and The Rainbow Corner

“ I have been a client and a friend of Inzayurveda for over eight years engaging in yoga sessions and enjoying the best massages in my life. Dr Rani is a very important wellness guide in my life. Her knowledge and care for my well-being has helped me through some difficult times in my life. I can’t imagine life without her presence and wisdom. A great and loving friend.”

Sue Johns

“ I’ve known Dr.Rani since 2011, and frequently visit INZ Ayurveda. Running a business and leading a busy work life along with taking great care of two kids, often takes its toll and the pressure sets in, but every time I escape to see Dr.Rani, be it for a yoga or a pamper session, all the worries of the world disappear!
Dr.Rani has an incredibly calming personality; her words of wisdom shine through and help ease the rush we all feel in our daily lives.


“ I have been taking the services of INZ Ayurveda for almost 10 years. I have found them and Dr. Rani very professional. They provide wholesome approach to health. They go extra mile to care for their clients.
I would highly recommend their services. They are the best.
Keep up the excellent work you have been doing Dr. Rani ”

Nalini Beteriwala

“ Dr Rani is very knowledgeable and skilled in her field. Her practice offered me a great deal of peace, comfort and stillness. I engaged in Dr Rani’s services during my pregnancy which I found highly beneficial. Her yoga classes are wonderful, you leave feeling refreshed and revitalised. I highly recommend Dr Rani to those looking for such services.”

Shannon Combart

Licenced Real Estate Agent

At INZ Auyurveda I have also been treated with the utmost respect and care. Dr. Rani is very knowledgeable about the human physiology and gives the best advice for your ailments and truly amazing massages. She is honest and has a holistic approach. The products and prices are affordable too. I always take a tired mind and body and come back relaxed, refreshed and energetic. I’m looking forward to the lockdown ending so I can go back for my massages again. I recommend INZ Auyurveda to anyone who would like to transform themselves through yoga or massages

Roshni Sidhwa

I have been regular and an old time client of Dr. RANI, a thorough professional in her advice and treatment. It is always a pleasure to visit her for relaxation and some body and soul cleansing! Highly recommend her

Shashi Joshi

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