Therapeutic Relaxing Yoga

Yoga is an ancient system of EXERCISE from India. It comes from the Sanskrit word “Yuj”. Which means to bind together, to join or to unite. It is the union of mind, body and spirit- a holistic approach to our physical and mental well being.
It is a system of exercise that combines stretching and breathing with a relaxed awareness, resulting a beautiful toned body, glowing complexion and a positive attitude towards life.
Over two thousands year ago ,Patanjali, a great Indian sage, set out the principles and practices of Yoga which he called the “Eight fold path to liberation”. This is known as Raja Yoga,the royal path or the path or to liberation.

Before starting yoga exercises Dr. S. Rani gives the consultation & asses your body through different kinds modes in pulse, tongue etc & teaches exercises according to body assessment.

Types of Classes :

1. Beginner’s classes : You need not be flexible or athletic or have any prior knowledge to be able to practice Yoga. You learn basics of yoga simple positions, energizing breathing exercise and relaxation techniques
2. Advance classes: After learning the basics of yoga, you attain the deeper knowledge & advance yoga exercises.
3. One to One or shared private Yoga Classes : This would help you to attain a deeper knowledge and understanding for Yoga. Yoga session according to your body type. Through greater personal attention, any mistakes are spotted and easily corrected. Whole family (more 4 persons) can get the benefit at a time.

Asanas :

Asanas (physical positions) give the body a wonderful feeling of rejeuvenation,flexibility and strength. The circulation improves and all muscle are strengthened simultaneously and evenly.

Pranayamas (breathing exercise) increases vitality, stimulates metabolism and blood circulation . The body is filled with Prana(life energy).
Relaxation session at the end of each class, regenerate the body tremendously , strengthen the immune system, reduce stress and stimulate the healing process of the body.

Meditation leads one to inner peace, happiness and tranquility, helps generate creativity and gives positive mental strength.

Our  Group YOGA TIME TABLE(only for ladies)

Before joining health consultation ($20 )is must.( if u had consultation before, ignore this)

If ur hubby / family/friends (4 ppl)wants to join then we have private family class option as well.( in center)

You can have family yoga @ hm on Zoom as well with group class time table & cost!

A brief outline of the eight paths follows:

 Yama : abstinences or Nonviolence. Not doing any physical,verbal or mental violence against yourself or others, Social conduct and examples we set for the harmonious functioning of society.

Niyamam : Observances or Self – improvement. Having purity in thethrough and deeds,contentment,surrender of ego and directing your life towards truth.
Asanas : Postures. Steady poses for a healthy functioning body that rid ourselves of physical and psychosomatics tensions.
Pranayam : Expansion of breath. Control of vital energy.
Pratyahara : Determination.Talking us away from the body image,looking within. Being centered and claim.
Dharana : Dedication, concertration of mind being focused. The ability to control our energy and harness our imagination.
Dhyana : Meditation. Finding peace in everything.
Samadhi : Deep meditation or Enlightenment.


Premarital Course is for those who are exploring the ideas of getting married, living in a relationship or who are already engaged or married.
Pre-marital Yoga classes, holistic way of counselling are a great way to help couples to prepare not only for their marriage but also helps you and your spouse to enjoy a strong, healthy relationship. It offers you a better chance towards a satisfying and lifelong & happy family life and helps each others to make a good human being.
This holistic class is designed to set you up in the best positive way for marriage. It helps you and your partner address the areas that couples commonly struggle with. Many people assume “counselling” is for people that are in the midst of challenges. But premarital counselling is to help you avoid troubling times. That means it’s a great fit for every engaged couple.

Some of the topics that are discussed during sessions include:

  • Learn personality types
  • Understanding for each other
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Roles in the marriage
  • Parenting styles
  • Finances
  • Explore the importance and benefits of committed relationships

Resolving conflict

Discover potential relationship challenges and how to tackle them.

Keeping love alive

How to maintain the momentum of your relationship.
Shared goals and values
Find out what is important to you both and develop unity as a couple.

Benefits of Premarital Counselling & Yoga classes

The obvious benefit of counselling before marriage is that you and your partner are taking steps to ensure your marriage will be stable and happy. It helps you know that you’ll have the necessary skills to cope with issues that can arise. However, a more detailed look at the benefits of premarital counselling can help you to decide if professional counselling is right for you and your partner.

Create mutual goals and resolutions for your marriage

You and your partner may have different ideas of what specifically will mean you’ve achieved a happy and successful marriage. By discussing beforehand what you both hope to get out of your marriage; you can determine a few resolutions that combine what you both want. This gives you common goals to work toward that you both believe in.

Understand, adapt to, and improve communication styles
Yes, that’s quite a mouthful. But what it boils down to is that you and your partner will better understand the strengths and weaknesses of your own and each other’s communication styles. This helps you know how to adapt to them to ensure that you’ll be able to successfully talk through potential problems instead of ignoring them or arguing about them.
Heading off potential conflicts before they become a problem

Do you know you have trouble saving money and it drives your partner crazy? Premarital counselling will give you a chance to get issues like this out in the open before you say “I do.” Often couples will avoid talking about issues they have, choosing to believe that in the glow of newlywed life they’ll simply go away. This is the exact opposite of setting yourself up for a successful marriage. Instead, pre-marriage counselling will help you work through these issues now and help you understand that your differences don’t need to lead to larger problems.

Dismiss marriage anxiety
For some people no matter how much they love their significant other, the thought of a lifelong commitment can still be cause for some anxiety. If you or your partner is dealing with this anxiety, premarital counselling is a great option for you. You can confront possible causes for the anxiety and work through them. This helps you both feel much more reassured that marriage will be a positive next step for your relationship.
Handle Your Relationships with Your BOTH SIDE Families

Couples may feel protective of their experiences growing up, with strong attachments to where they came from. It’s important to hear each other in this situation and to reflect on your own individual relationship with your family, as well as the new relationships forming. There may be some work to be done to find compromise if part of your family is a bit more involved than others.
“Couples need to learn that they are forming a new family entity, and the relationship with their extended families transitions with this,” “Conversations regarding boundaries and roles of each of their families are important.”
You may have different beliefs when it comes to spirituality, but discussing those upfront and understanding where your partner is coming from will go a long way.

Dismiss marriage anxiety
For some people no matter how much they love their significant other, the thought of a lifelong commitment can still be cause for some anxiety. If you or your partner is dealing with this anxiety, premarital counselling is a great option for you. You can confront possible causes for the anxiety and work through them. This helps you both feel much more reassured that marriage will be a positive next step for your relationship.
Appreciate Most About Your Partner and Your Relationship
“These are the things that will get you through the hard parts of life. They will ground your relationship when all else feels chaotic,” says Broadhead. Think about each other’s interests and aspirations, or activities you love to do together. Consider issues such as trust and communication. It’s important to reflect on what you love most about your partner while considering the ways your partner likes to be appreciated as well.”
Are You on the Same Page About Having Children?
Discussing the possibility of children can come in so many different forms. First, it’s important to decide if you want to have children, and if you do, consider when you plan to start.
This is also the time to discuss work-life balance. Consider how you will navigate caring for your children and discuss the importance of having quality time with the family and your relationship to your career.
How Are You Going to Handle Your Finances (Together or Separately)?
Discussing whether you’ll combine your finances from the get-go or keep them separate is an incredibly important topic to cover. You may have already combined finances before your engagement, but if you’ve chosen to keep them separate, consider if that’s the best fit moving forward. “A lot of conflict can revolve around money,” says Broadhead. “It’s important to dive in on your own individual history with money, especially if you’re combining two histories.” If you do choose to combine your finances, determine if it’s best for one of you to handle the money, or if it will be a joint effort.
How Will You Resolve Future Conflicts?
What will you do if you’re concerned about your marriage? How will you resolve future issues? “Have a plan,” “This isn’t a question of if you will struggle, but rather, when.”

Communication is important when resolving conflict. Be sure to think about the importance of considering how your partner is feeling when discussing sensitive subjects, and work as a team to find compromise or resolution.
***Ultimate goal of this class is to make relationship happy, healthy and stable on time. Strong foundation in relationship helps to make your life comfortable in spite of continuous challenges of life and gives strong platform to next generation as well.
Additional learning of yoga helps to make your mind calmer and focused to understand the situation from both positive and negative prospective.


(60 min) One class -$35+gst
(60 min)Ten classes pack-$300+gst